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How will a business management class in high school benefit me in the long run?

There’s a business management class at school that I'm interested in, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. Does it help with getting into business programs in college? Or is it something that looks good generally on applications, even if I don’t major in business?

7 months ago

It's encouraging to see you're considering your academic options thoughtfully. Taking a business management class can indeed be beneficial on several levels. For one, it demonstrates to colleges that you have an interest in business concepts and are proactive in exploring potential career paths, which can be appealing especially if you're looking to apply to business programs. Admissions committees value students who have pursued their interests with genuine curiosity and engagement.

Even if you end up not majoring in business, this class can still be a positive addition to your application as it shows you've taken initiative to broaden your knowledge and skill set, and colleges want to accept students who are generally curious and love learning simply for learning's sake.

Moreover, the skills and knowledge gained from a business management class, such as understanding organizational behavior, leadership, and strategic thinking, are universally valued and applicable to many fields. Not to mention, such a course can help you develop a foundational understanding of business principles that can be advantageous in everyday life and in your future career, as odds are, you'll engage with the world of business in some way once you start your professional life.

Remember, college applications are not just about ticking boxes, but also about showing your willingness to grow and learn. If you think this class aligns with your interests, even in a broad sense, it could certainly be worth your time. Good luck with your decision!

7 months ago

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