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How beneficial is taking a health science class in high school for pre-med college tracks?

Hey everyone, junior here considering a future in medicine. I'm curious about how taking a health science class would look on my high school transcript when applying for a pre-med track in college. Does it provide any real advantage or should I focus on more AP science classes instead?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's wonderful to hear about your interest in the pre-med track. Taking a health science class can certainly add value to your high school experience, especially since it aligns well with your intended college major. It shows admissions committees that you have a clear direction and a deep interest in medicine, as well as solid preparation for the rigors of a college pre-med track.

However, while this course could be a positive addition to your transcript, it's equally important to demonstrate that you have a strong foundation in the more "standard" science courses. AP classes in biology, chemistry, and physics, which are nationally recognized as college-level, would showcase your ability to handle college-level coursework in the sciences as a whole, which is essential for a pre-med track. Even if you're shooting for medical school eventually, a lot of your undergraduate work will be focused on building up your general scientific foundation, so schools want to see that you can thrive in these subjects.

My advice would be to find a balance. If you can manage to take health science classes without compromising on the number of AP science courses you're able to take, then go for it! This combination could give you a well-rounded profile that demonstrates both your specialization in health sciences and your commitment to academic rigor, and provide a unique talking point in interviews or essays. Remember, passion and genuine interest can sometimes be just as compelling as coursework when it comes to college admissions.

If you have to choose one or the other, though, prioritize AP science classes, as they'll more comprehensively demonstrate your readiness for college-level STEM work. And, on a personal level, they'll likely better prepare you for your coursework once you arrive on a college campus, which will streamline your transition to higher education.

Good luck with your course selection!

7 months ago

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