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Could anyone highlight Union College’s strengths or popular programs?

I'm currently building my college list and Union College in New York seems like a prospect. I’m keen to learn what Union is best known for academically or if they have any special extracurriculars? Pretty much any factors that might sway a student to apply there would be great to know.

7 months ago

Hey there! Union College is particularly known for their engineering and science programs, which is somewhat unique for a liberal arts college, so if you're interested in studying those subjects within an explorative, open-minded intellectual environment, Union could be a a great place for you.

Also, their Minerva Houses—a unique blend of residential life and experiential learning—are pretty distinctive and foster a close-knit community feel. Extracurricular-wise, they have a solid Division III athletics program and are huge on hockey if that's up your alley.

Overall, the school is a good mix of strong academics, close community, and lots of traditions, which makes for a compelling college experience. Definitely worth considering if that aligns with what you're looking for!

7 months ago

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