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Navigating Community College Classes as a High Schooler?

Looking for some insight here! I've heard that taking community college classes during high school can look good for college apps and also help you get ahead. How do you even get started with this? Is there a specific process to enroll in community college courses while still in high school? Could use all the advice I can get!

7 months ago

I'm glad you're looking into taking community college classes as a high school student—it can indeed be a smart way to show colleges your initiative and academic readiness. The process to enroll in community college courses while in high school typically starts with meeting with your high school counselor. The counselor can help you understand how dual enrollment works at your school and what steps you'll need to take.

First, you'll have to check if your high school has a partnership or established program with a local community college, which often simplifies the process. You would usually need to fill out an application for the community college and get approval from your high school. Bear in mind, there might be placement tests or prerequisites depending on the courses you're interested in taking.

Additionally, you should consider how these courses will fit into your schedule and academic plan. They can be more demanding than typical high school classes, so make sure you'll be able to manage the additional workload without compromising your current studies.

Even if your high school doesn't have an established partnership with a local community college, you may still be able to dual enroll, but the process may be a little more complicated. In that case, you'd likely still want to reach out to your guidance counselor, as they may have helped students navigate this process in the past, but also contact the community college where you're interested in studying directly, to see if they have the infrastructure for high schoolers to take their classes.

One more tip: Ensure that the credits you earn will be transferrable to your intended college after high school graduation. Most colleges accept credits from accredited community colleges, but it's always good to verify on the websites of colleges you're considering. If you're at all confused about how transferring credits works, you can reach out to admissions offices directly, or to the heads of the departments where you'd want the credit to apply.

On a personal level, these classes can also help you explore subjects that might not be available at your high school. It’s a great opportunity to dive deeper into your areas of interest and can potentially help you in determining your major in college. Best of luck with your academic endeavors!

7 months ago

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