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In search of schools that have unique alternative education like Naropa University?

What's up everyone! Naropa University caught my eye because of their unique approach to education, focusing on Buddhist principles and contemplative education. I'm really interested in unconventional colleges like Naropa that prioritize mindfulness and holistic learning. Do you all have any recommendations for similarly alternative-focused universities?

7 months ago

Hey there! I totally get the appeal of schools like Naropa University – they offer a distinctive style of education that can be incredibly fulfilling for the right student. If you're seeking institutions with a similar ethos, consider checking out Maharishi International University in Iowa, which incorporates Transcendental Meditation into its curriculum.

Another great option could be Evergreen State College in Washington, known for its non-traditional structure with no fixed majors, instead allowing students to design their own educational path. Prescott College in Arizona is also worth looking into, as it offers a unique focus on environmental education and social justice, coupled with experiential learning opportunities.

Additionally, some traditional universities may offer alternative educational opportunities such as self-designed majors, interdisciplinary programs, or centers for mindfulness and holistic studies embedded within a more conventional college experience. Digging into each school’s philosophy, curriculum, and extracurricular opportunities will help you find the right fit. Good luck finding a college that speaks to your passions and way of learning!

7 months ago

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