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Are there any cool trivia points or lesser-known facts about Ohio State University?

So I've heard a bunch about Ohio State's athletic prowess, but I wonder if there's more to know. Could you guys share some fun facts or inside scoops about the university that might not be common knowledge? Something to bring up in a convo about why it's an interesting place to study!

7 months ago

Absolutely, Ohio State is full of interesting tidbits beyond athletics! For instance, it boasts the third largest university campus in the United States, offering a massive variety of resources and opportunities for students. Another cool fact is that Ohio State operates the oldest student-run radio station in the country, known as The Underground. It's a great outlet for students interested in broadcasting and offers a unique extracurricular opportunity.

Also, the campus itself includes a part of the Olentangy River, where students can sometimes be spotted engaging in outdoor activities, studying, or simply enjoying the view. So if you're looking for conversation starters, mention these unique aspects that contribute to the vibrant student life and the broad range of experiences available at the university. I hope you enjoy your Buckeye-centric conversations!

7 months ago

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