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How do summer college classes for high school students weigh in the admissions process?

Hey guys, I’ve heard that taking college classes over the summer can boost your application, so I’m pondering over enrolling in one. Does it really make a difference in how colleges perceive your academic readiness and commitment? Would love to hear from someone who’s done this!

7 months ago

Hi there! Your initiative to explore taking college classes over the summer is commendable. Incorporating college-level coursework while you are still in high school showcases a pursuit of academic rigor beyond what is available at the high school level, which is something colleges look for in applicants. It signifies that you're not only challenging yourself, but also that you have the maturity and dedication to handle college-level material.

One example I can share is a student who took a summer college course in environmental science because their high school didn't offer AP Environmental Science. When they applied to college, they mentioned this experience in their application, and it aligned well with their intended major in environmental studies. This course demonstrated their special interest and initiative in the subject, complementing the rest of their application. Just like this student, if you take a course related to a potential major or a subject you're particularly passionate about, it gives your application an additional layer of coherence and depth.

Additionally, doing well in these courses can be a way to help confirm your academic abilities, showing that you can succeed in college-level courses. It's one more data point that suggests to admissions offices that you're ready for the rigors of college. If you decide to pursue summer college courses, make sure to balance them with other commitments and continue to demonstrate involvement in activities that interest you. While it's one piece of the admissions puzzle, it's a positive one, especially if it enhances your 'spike' or deeper area of expertise! Remember, though, it's not just the course itself that will make an impact, but what you take from it and how well you can convey that in your application.

7 months ago

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