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Criminal justice classes for a high schooler: What should I take?

Hello! I'm potentially interested in studying criminal justice in college. Are there high school classes that I should consider taking to prepare for this field, or maybe some extracurricular activities that might make my college application stand out?

7 months ago

Hello! It's wonderful that you're exploring your interests in criminal justice early on. To prepare for this field, consider taking social studies classes like U.S. History and Government, as they will give you a solid foundation in understanding the context in which laws are made and enforced. Psychology and sociology can provide insights into human behavior which is a great asset in criminal justice studies. If your school offers any law-related courses, definitely take those.

For extracurricular activities, participating in debate club or Model United Nations can help you develop strong argumentation and public speaking skills. Look for opportunities to volunteer with community-led initiatives related to social justice or legal aid; this demonstrates a commitment to the principles of criminal justice. If there's a Youth Court or Teen Court program in your area, getting involved could offer direct experience with legal processes. Additionally, an internship with a local law firm, police station, or district attorney's office, even if only for a short time, can provide valuable real-world insight into the field.

Remember, while these classes and activities can bolster your application, colleges are looking for passion and depth in your interests. So, it's better to be deeply involved in a few related activities rather than having many shallow commitments. Your dedication to a specific interest like criminal justice can help you stand out to college admissions officers.

7 months ago

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