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Will the PSAT Go Digital Anytime Soon?

Hello peeps, so I've heard a lot about other standardized tests moving towards digital formats and it’s just made me wonder, is the PSAT staying on paper or will it be digital too in the near future? I'm asking because I might need to tweak my test-taking strategies accordingly. Thanks for the help!

7 months ago

Hello there! I'm glad you're thinking ahead about your test-taking strategies. Good news: as of fall 2023, the PSAT will be offered in a digital format. However, it’s important to note that while the test is digital, you'll still be required to take it at a school or authorized testing center — it can't be taken from home.

To prepare you'll want to get comfortable with the format by practicing online, paying special attention to the way you'll navigate between questions and how your answers are marked. Familiarize yourself with any online tools that will be provided during the test, such as a digital calculator or notepad, as they may be different from what you're used to, and you don't want to be feeling unsure on the big day.

Just remember, regardless of the format, the core test-taking strategies of time management and careful reading will still apply. Best of luck with your preparation!

7 months ago

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