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AP Science Classes in High School: Worth the Stress?

Hey everyone! I'm trying to plan out my junior year schedule and considering taking multiple AP science classes. Is it really worth the added stress, or should I focus on just one and do really well? How do colleges view taking multiple AP science courses?

7 months ago

It’s great that you’re planning ahead for your junior year! When it comes to AP science classes, what matters most is finding a balance. Colleges do appreciate seeing students challenging themselves, but not at the expense of their well-being or overall GPA—getting low grades never helps your chances of admissions, even in AP classes.

If you have a strong interest and aptitude in science, and are planning to potentially major in one of the sciences, taking multiple AP science classes can be a good reflection of that passion. However, aiming to excel in one AP science course may be more manageable and can still demonstrate your capability and determination in the subject. Taking just one may also be a better choice if your interests are more humanities-oriented, as you can then focus your energy on your true passions while still demonstrating that you're a well-rounded student who loves learning across all disciplines.

Talking to your high school guidance counselor, or to the teachers of the specific classes you're considering, could also be a good idea, as they'll be able to give you the most personalized advice, and speak to how time-consuming a particular class is. Good luck with finalizing your schedule!

7 months ago

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