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What’s the deal with high school science class requirements for pre-med track?

Future doctor in the making here! I want to make sure I'm on the right track for pre-med in college. What kind of science classes should I be taking in high school to prepare? Are there any that are seen as must-haves by colleges if you’re aiming for a strong pre-med application?

7 months ago

Hey there, future doctor! It's great to hear that you're planning ahead for your pre-med track. Most colleges expect a solid foundation in science, so I'd recommend focusing on taking all the core sciences - biology, chemistry, and physics. If your school offers them, taking AP versions of these courses can be particularly beneficial. These classes can give you a rigor that colleges look for and potentially earn you college credits. On a more personal level, they'll also prepare you to hit the ground running when you do arrive on a college campus and start taking on a more rigorous course load.

Since admissions committees are looking for evidence of your interest and commitment to the medical field, classes like anatomy or health sciences can also be beneficial if your high school offers them. Overall, the most important thing is to maintain a strong GPA while taking courses that both are challenging and reflect your interest in medicine, to show colleges that you are ready for the academic rigor of a pre-med program. Best of luck with your studies!

7 months ago

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