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High School Math Track: Did I choose right?

Feeling a bit stressed here. I'm mapping out my math courses for the rest of high school, and I’m wondering if I'm on the right track. What math classes did you guys take each year, and do colleges expect a particular sequence? I really want to show progress and challenge myself!

7 months ago

It's great to see you're taking a proactive approach to your math courses, which are indeed important in demonstrating your academic rigor to colleges. A typical sequence often starts with Algebra I, followed by Geometry, Algebra II, and then progresses to Pre-Calculus and Calculus or Statistics. However, it's not just about the sequence; it's about the level of challenge you can successfully manage and your intended major. If you're aiming for a STEM field, Calculus would be very beneficial. On the other hand, Statistics might be more suitable if you're leaning towards social sciences or humanities.

For instance, a student interested in engineering would ideally reach Calculus by their senior year, possibly even taking AP Calculus AB or BC if available. If you're on track for Pre-Calculus in your junior year, you're in a good position. But remember, it’s important to maintain a balance. Taking the most advanced math class available is impressive, but not if it comes at the cost of your grades in that class or others. Challenge yourself, but be realistic about your workload and abilities.

Colleges like to see progress and challenge, but they also value a strong performance, so align your math track with your comfort level and interests. If you're comfortable with where you are and feel you're being challenged, you're likely on the right track. Keep it up, and don't hesitate to reach out to your school counselor if you need personalized guidance.

7 months ago

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