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Will a high school Marketing class help in a business admissions context?

In a bit of a dilemma here – I'm a junior deciding on classes for senior year and I'm targeting business programs. Would taking a Marketing class be seen as a strong move for someone interested in Business Admin or Finance, or do colleges generally prefer more traditional academic subjects? Trying to balance interest with strategic course selection here!

7 months ago

It's great to hear that you're thinking ahead about your senior year courses. Colleges appreciate students who show a genuine interest in their intended field of study. A Marketing class can certainly be a valuable addition to your transcript, especially if you're aiming for a degree in Business Administration or Finance. It shows that you're already exploring facets of the business world, and that can help demonstrate your commitment to the field.

Keep in mind that your overall academic rigor is also important. If you can, try to maintain a balance with core academic subjects, as well as any advanced courses like AP or honors offerings. This not only displays breadth in your learning but also the initiative to challenge yourself. Pairing that Marketing class with other academically rigorous courses could make for a well-rounded and compelling senior year schedule. Best of luck with your decision!

7 months ago

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