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Would an intro to business class in high school benefit me if I'm eyeing a business major?

I've got some room in my senior year schedule and I'm looking at this intro to business class. For those who took it and are now in business programs, did you find it helpful or should I pick something else?

7 months ago

Absolutely, an intro to business class can be a great step if you're planning to major in business in college. Such a class can provide a foundation of knowledge that you'll likely build upon in your college courses. Additionally, it shows admissions committees that you have a demonstrated interest in your intended field of study, which is always a positive.

On top of that, taking an intro to business class in high school could give you an edge in your first year as you may already be familiar with some of the core concepts that your peers are learning for the first time. For example, understanding the basics of marketing, accounting, and project management before you dive into more advanced topics at college can make the transition smoother and potentially contribute to a stronger academic performance.

Also, consider whether this business class offers any unique projects, collaborations with local businesses, or competitions. Real-world applications of what you learn in the classroom can be incredibly enriching experiences. Remember, college is about developing your knowledge but also about applying that knowledge in practical settings. Best of luck with your decision and future studies!

7 months ago

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