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Is Project Lead The Way considered an honors class?

I've been looking into classes for next year and PLTW caught my eye. Does anyone know if Project Lead The Way courses are recognized as honors classes on high school transcripts?

7 months ago

Hi there! Project Lead The Way (PLTW) courses are indeed well-regarded and often considered advanced coursework, but whether they are recognized as 'honors' on your high school transcript really depends on your specific school's policy. PLTW courses are designed to be rigorous and provide hands-on STEM learning experiences that are a great addition to any transcript, often comparable to honors courses at many schools. However, each school district has its own criteria for what qualifies as an honors class.

If you're interested in PLTW and the boost it might give to your GPA, I would recommend talking to your school counselor or the department head. They can give you the most accurate information on how these courses will be weighted in your GPA. Moreover, regardless of the designation, colleges tend to appreciate the presence of PLTW courses because they show a willingness to tackle challenging subjects and an interest in STEM fields.

7 months ago

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