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Does having a musical background help with med school applications?

I'm a junior and have been seriously involved with music throughout high school. Will continuing my music in college and mentioning it in my med school apps be beneficial? Is there any specific aspect of being a musician that med schools particularly value?

7 months ago

Absolutely, continuing your musical pursuits can be highly beneficial for your med school applications down the line. Admissions committees at medical schools are always on the lookout for well-rounded candidates who have developed skills outside of the sciences. Your dedication to music demonstrates discipline, creativity, and a capacity for managing both your art and your academic responsibilities, which are all traits that can be valuable in medicine.

Additionally, this commitment showcases your ability to balance intense studies with personal interests, a skill that is particularly vital in the demanding environment of medical training. Being able to reflect on how your musical background has influenced your approach to learning, teamwork, or dealing with stress can provide a unique angle to your application. It allows you to present yourself as a multi-faceted candidate, and such personal dimensions of your journey to medicine can really make you stand out.

Your musical background can be especially impactful if you've had leadership roles or significant achievements in that arena, as these experiences display high levels of commitment and skill. Just make sure to tie it into your overall narrative in a way that resonates with your passion for medicine and human care.

7 months ago

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