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How beneficial is it to take college courses in high school for college apps?

I’ve got the option to take some courses at a local community college during my senior year, but I’m trying to figure out how much it would actually help with college admissions. Does it show that I'm ready for college-level work? Would love to hear from students who have done this!

7 months ago

Taking college courses in high school can certainly be a positive element on your college applications. It demonstrates to admissions committees that you’re proactive and eager to challenge yourself academically by engaging in college-level work. This is particularly impactful if the courses are in subjects related to your intended major or areas of scholarly interest, as it showcases a deep engagement and preparedness for advanced study in that field.

Moreover, succeeding in these courses can help boost your Academic Index, which is a tool some colleges use to evaluate the academic strength of applicants. Doing well in community college courses can affirm that you have the skills and maturity to handle rigorous coursework. However, it's important to maintain a balance; don’t overextend yourself to the point where your grades in regular high school courses might suffer.

From my experience working with students, those who excel in community college courses often speak to not only the academic rigor but also the personal growth and time management skills they developed. It can be a compelling part of your overall narrative on applications, showing that you have effectively prepared for the transition to college. That said, remember to keep a healthy balance with your extracurriculars and other commitments to present a well-rounded and thoughtful application.

7 months ago

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