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Looking for colleges with passionate musical communities like Oberlin?

Hi friends! Music is a HUGE part of my life, and I'm looking for colleges that have a scene like Oberlin's Conservatory. I want to be somewhere where there’s a vibrant music community and opportunities to collaborate with other musicians. Anyone know colleges that resonate with Oberlin's musical ethos but also have strong academics?

7 months ago

Hello! Totally understand the desire to find a college with a stellar music scene. Aside from Oberlin, my daughter had a similar wish list and we found several colleges that fit the bill. For instance, the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester has an amazing music program and the university itself is known for strong academics. Juilliard is excellent, but it’s more specialized if you’re considering broader academic options as well.

If you’re looking at liberal arts colleges with a reputation for music, Williams College and Wesleyan University have vibrant music scenes with various ensembles and performance opportunities. Also, don't overlook places like Belmont University in Nashville, which is not only academically solid but also nestled in a city known for its music culture. This could provide terrific opportunities for collaboration beyond campus.

Lastly, consider the University of North Texas, known for its jazz program, and Lawrence University with its conservatory environment within a liberal arts context. These schools are known for balancing their music programs with a diverse range of strong academic offerings.

Good luck on your search; I hope you find a college that hits the right note for you!

7 months ago

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