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How is Northeastern University's reputation in terms of its offered majors?

As someone who's considering Northeastern for undergrad, I’m wondering what majors at Northeastern University are the most prominent or have the strongest reputation?

7 months ago

Northeastern University is well-regarded for a number of its majors, with particular strength in areas that leverage its co-op program, which integrates classroom study with professional experience. Renowned for its emphasis on experiential learning, Northeastern is often celebrated for its strong programs in business, engineering, computer science, health sciences, and more recently, data science and cybersecurity.

Within business, their D'Amore-McKim School of Business offers a robust program with varied specializations, and engineering students often report valuable co-op experiences that dovetail nicely with their studies. The Bouvé College of Health Sciences is known for producing competent healthcare professionals, which is a testament to the hands-on experience students gain in clinical settings. Computer science is another standout at Northeastern, with its College of Computer and Information Science earning high marks for its innovative curriculum and ties to thriving tech industries during co-op placements. It's always worthwhile to look at specific programs to see how they align with your goals and interests, and how the co-op program might strengthen your learning in those fields.

7 months ago

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