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What kind of math classes will I find in high school?

As someone who's planning my high school classes, I'm a bit lost with what math classes I should aim for. What's the typical math class progression in high school, and are there any specific ones colleges like to see on a transcript? Any advice would be awesome!

7 months ago

It's wonderful to see you planning ahead for your high school coursework! The typical progression for math classes in high school starts with Algebra 1, followed by Geometry, Algebra 2, and then Trigonometry or Precalculus. For those interested in pursuing more advanced studies, Calculus (AP or otherwise) typically follows. If your school offers statistics, that's another valuable option, particularly if you're interested in fields like social sciences, economics, or anything that involves data analysis.

Colleges generally like to see that you've challenged yourself with the most rigorous classes available to you, so taking the highest level of math your high school offers – such as AP Calculus AB/BC or AP Statistics – can be beneficial. Just ensure that you're also able to maintain strong grades in these courses. If you're aiming for highly selective schools, successfully completing Calculus can make your transcript much more competitive. If your school offers elective math classes beyond the standard curriculum, those could also be a way to demonstrate your passion and proficiency in math. Good luck with your course selection!

7 months ago

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