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Does taking a personal finance class in high school help with college admissions?

I'm considering signing up for a personal finance class next semester to prep for real life. Do you guys think this kind of class would improve my college application or should I focus on more traditional academic subjects?

7 months ago

Taking a personal finance class can be beneficial for your future financial literacy and personal knowledge, and it's fantastic to see students planning for 'real life' responsibilities. While taking such a class won't drastically enhance your college application in terms of academic rigor, especially if you're aiming for highly selective colleges, it is a positive elective choice that shows you are preparing for adult responsibilities.

If your schedule allows it, I recommend balancing this practical choice with challenging academic courses in the core subjects. Colleges do look for a strong academic record, but they also appreciate students who seek out learning experiences that may not always fit the traditional mold. Ultimately, the decision should also reflect your interests and goals. If the personal finance class is something you are passionate about and you feel you'll genuinely benefit from it, it can be a valuable addition to your high school experience. Remember that your application is a holistic portrait of who you are, and electives like this can add unique colors to that picture. However, be sure to maintain a solid foundation of challenging courses in other academic areas for a balanced academic profile.

7 months ago

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