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Are Ivy Tech classes worth taking for a high school student?

Saw some summer offerings from Ivy Tech for high school students. Does anyone have experience with their courses, and do you think it’s a good use of my summer prepping for college?

7 months ago

It's great that you're considering how to spend your summer to prepare for college. Taking courses at Ivy Tech can indeed be beneficial for several reasons. First and foremost, it shows colleges that you are taking the initiative to challenge yourself academically outside of your high school curriculum, which can be a positive aspect of your application. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to explore subjects that might not be offered at your high school, providing you with a broader educational experience.

Additionally, if you perform well in these courses, it can help you build a strong academic record, which is a significant factor in college admissions. It's also possible that the credits you earn could transfer to your future college, potentially saving you time and money. Be sure to check with Ivy Tech regarding their credit transfer policies. Lastly, it can give you a taste of college-level coursework, which can be an invaluable experience in itself.

Just remember to balance your time so that you can also enjoy your summer and pursue other interests or extracurricular activities!

7 months ago

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