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Benefits of Taking Online Medical Classes in High School for a Prospective Pre-Med?

Hi! As someone considering a pre-med track, does it make sense to take online medical classes now in high school? Will it strengthen my application or should I focus on getting more traditional science credits?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's wonderful to hear about your interest in pursuing a pre-med track. Taking online medical classes in high school can definitely be a strong addition to your application, as it shows initiative and a commitment to exploring your intended field of study. While traditional science credits are fundamental and should certainly form the backbone of your academic preparation, supplementing with online medical classes can help differentiate you from other applicants. These classes can provide a glimpse into the medical field and may even offer opportunities for in-depth study that isn't available in a traditional high school setting.

For instance, if you're able to take a class on medical ethics or health care policy, your application can illustrate an engagement with the wider aspects of medicine beyond just the core sciences. Just remember, while taking these classes can enhance your profile, it's also important to maintain a balanced and well-rounded coursework. So, if your schedule allows, go for the medical classes. But if you have to choose, prioritize your core science classes like biology, chemistry, and physics, as they will provide the foundational knowledge you'll need for your future studies in college. Best of luck in your pre-med journey!

7 months ago

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