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Key strengths of the University of Utah?

Junior here, doing some research on potential colleges. I came across the University of Utah, but I'm not sure about their flagship programs. What major or department should I be looking at that's a standout at the University of Utah?

7 months ago

Hi there! During our own college search with my kiddo, we found the University of Utah stands out particularly for their research opportunities, especially in areas related to medicine and health sciences. They have a reputable medical school and noteworthy programs in genetics and bioengineering. If you're inclined towards the sciences, definitely give U of U a serious look.

My son, who's into computer science, was quite impressed with their computing program, too, which has strong industry ties and offers great internships. The entertainment arts and engineering program is another unique one that combines technical computing skills with creativity in game design and animation. And don't forget their business school, which is also highly regarded, especially for entrepreneurship. It's a campus with plenty of options, so it's worth looking deeper into the areas you're most interested in! Best of luck with your search!

7 months ago

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