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Are high school class rings from Jostens worth the investment?

I’m on the fence about getting a class ring. Do students still buy these, and is it worth it for the memories or just an unnecessary expense?

7 months ago

Class rings are a tradition for some and an anachronism for others. They definitely hold sentimental value for a number of students, but it's also true that they can be quite pricey, and not everyone feels that they're a necessary part of the high school experience. Whether or not a class ring is 'worth it' is subjective and depends on how much you value having a tangible memento of your high school years.

Many students these days prefer to invest in experiences or save money for future expenditures like college. Before making a decision, consider how important the ring is to you personally and if it aligns with your financial situation. There are certainly more budget-friendly ways to commemorate your high school years, such as creating a scrapbook or digital photo album. It's ultimately a personal choice, so go with what makes you happy and what you think you'll value in the years to come.

7 months ago

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