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National Honor Society Scholarship details?

Hi there! I'm applying for scholarships and I've heard about the National Honor Society Scholarship. Could someone who has applied give me the lowdown? How much can you get, and what sort of things do they look for in applicants?

7 months ago

Hi! I'm glad to hear you're taking the initiative to apply for scholarships. The National Honor Society (NHS) Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity provided to NHS members. The scholarship amounts can vary, and NHS typically awards multiple students across different tiers. For instance, there are national winners, who receive larger awards, and semi-finalists and finalists, who receive smaller amounts.

As for what they're looking for, NHS values the four pillars of their organization: scholarship, service, leadership, and character. When applying, make sure to emphasize your academic achievements, community service involvement, leadership roles, and personal character. Specific examples showcasing your commitment to these areas can really make your application stand out.

Furthermore, your application essays should be well-crafted, demonstrating your communication skills and tying back to the NHS pillars. It's also beneficial to have strong letters of recommendation, preferably from individuals who can attest to your accomplishments in relation to the NHS criteria. Good luck with your application, and don't forget to adhere to all the submission guidelines and deadlines!

7 months ago

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