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What classes do med schools like to see?

Hey guys, I'm a junior looking into pre-med and wondering what kind of classes I should be taking to be a strong applicant for med schools. Are there any specific courses that they look for in your high school transcript? I'm already planning on taking more science courses next year, but should I focus on APs or are dual enrollment classes just as good? Any advice from other pre-med hopefuls would be awesome!

7 months ago

It's great that you're looking ahead and planning your coursework with a pre-med track in mind. Medical schools typically don't review high school transcripts as part of their admission process but focusing on sciences is a smart way to prepare for the challenging pre-med curriculum in college.

In high school, aim to take a strong course load that includes biology, chemistry, physics, and math. AP courses are preferred by some because they can potentially earn you college credits, but dual enrollment courses are also valuable, especially if they are offered by reputable institutions and you perform well in them. These classes demonstrate your willingness to take on college-level work.

If you have the chance, getting exposure to courses related to health sciences, like anatomy or human physiology, could also be beneficial. Strong performance in these rigorous courses, coupled with good grades, will help pave the way for a solid foundation in your college pre-med courses.

7 months ago

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