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What are the best classes to take as a freshman in high school to prep for college?

I'm a freshman this year, and I'm already thinking ahead about college. What classes should I be taking now to make sure I have a strong foundation? Any specific subjects that are must-haves? I want to start off strong!

7 months ago

Starting off with an eye on college is a great initiative! The basis for a strong high school transcript is a well-rounded curriculum that includes each of the five core academic areas: English, math, science, social studies, and a foreign language.

For a strong college preparatory schedule, enroll in honors or AP classes if they're available and match your abilities. Specifically, aim to take Algebra I or higher in math, a comprehensive English class that hones your writing and analytical reading skills, and a solid foundation in natural sciences like biology of physical sciences.

Beyond core classes, consider exploring elective courses that align with your interests. This can lead to a 'spike' in your academic profile later on, as colleges appreciate applicants who demonstrate a high level of interest and achievement in a particular area.

Importantly, remember to balance rigor with your personal capacity so that you also achieve good grades; it's not just about taking the most challenging courses, but excelling in them too. Keep up the hard work!

7 months ago

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