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Preparing for College Apps: Scholarships for Juniors in HS?

Class of 2024 here! 🙋 I’m trying to be proactive about college costs, so I’m wondering what scholarships I should be looking at now as a junior. Any tips on where to find scholarships for high school juniors or strategies on applying that could give me a head start?

7 months ago

It's fantastic that you're being proactive about managing college costs. Starting your scholarship search as a junior is a great strategy. Begin with local scholarships, as they often have less competition. Check with your school's counseling office for a list of local or regional opportunities.

Additionally, use reputable online search platforms like CollegeVine, the College Board's Scholarship Search, and Fastweb, which allow you to filter scholarships by grade level, including ones specific for juniors.

Keep in mind that essays are a common component of scholarship applications. Start drafting potential essay topics now and refine them over the year. Focus on unique experiences that highlight your personal growth or contributions to your community.

Lastly, consider scholarship programs that are merit-based and look for students who demonstrate leadership, community service, or specific academic interests. Starting now gives you the advantage of time to carefully craft your applications and tailor them to each scholarship's criteria. Best of luck in your search!

7 months ago

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