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Are automotive classes in high school beneficial for a future engineering major?

Hey guys, I'm super into cars and thinking about taking automotive classes at my high school. I’m aiming for an engineering major in college. Do you think admissions offices value this kind of practical experience? Will it make my application stand out if I want to go into something like mechanical engineering?

7 months ago

Absolutely, taking automotive classes can be a great asset for a future engineering major! Admissions officers at engineering programs often look for students who have demonstrated a clear interest and hands-on experience in the field.

By taking automotive classes, you're not only showing your passion for cars and engineering but also gaining practical skills that can be directly applicable to a mechanical engineering discipline. This type of experience, especially if you can elaborate on specific projects or accomplishments within your classes, could indeed make your application stand out.

Remember to integrate your automotive experiences with your academic performance in STEM subjects and participation in related extracurriculars to paint a complete picture of your commitment to engineering.

For example, if you were to rebuild an engine or design a vehicle component as a class project, you could describe the experience in your application essays, showing how it solidified your desire to study mechanical engineering and prepared you for the rigors of a college engineering program.

7 months ago

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