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Help finding free online medical courses for high school students?

I'm really interested in going pre-med when I get to college, and I wanted to start learning now. Are there any good free online medical courses that are high school student-friendly? I'm hoping to get a headstart and maybe add some cool stuff to talk about in my college interviews down the line.

7 months ago

It's fantastic that you're taking such a proactive approach to your future in medicine! A couple of resources you might find helpful are Coursera and Khan Academy, both of which offer free courses on a variety of subjects, including those related to the medical field.

On Coursera specifically , you can audit many courses for free, such as those from universities like Yale and Stanford that cover topics like anatomy, medical neuroscience, and even the science of well-being. Khan Academy, meanwhile, has a Health and Medicine section with a host of videos and articles that can give you a solid grounding in many basic concepts.

Just remember, while these courses are incredibly informative, they are generally not for credit. However, the knowledge you gain can absolutely be a talking point in interviews or essays, showing your dedication and self-motivation. Also consider looking into summer programs for high school students interested in medicine, which can often provide more in-depth, structured learning experiences and sometimes college credit.

Finally, don't forget to engage with hands-on experiences as well. Volunteering at a local hospital or clinic, shadowing a healthcare professional, or assisting with medical research can provide practical exposure to the field. These combined with your online learning will make for a compelling case of your interest in medicine when you apply to colleges.

7 months ago

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