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Forensic Science Online High School Courses—Worth Taking?

Hey guys, I’ve been super intrigued by forensic science since bingeing some crime shows. Do you think taking an online forensic science course in high school is a good move? Not sure if colleges care about that stuff or if it’s more of a ‘fun’ course than an academic one. Thoughts?

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you've found a subject you're passionate about. When it comes to college admissions, demonstrating a genuine interest and going above and beyond in that area can be beneficial. Whether or not a course is labeled as 'fun' or 'academic' could depend on its rigor and how it fits within your overall academic profile.

If the online forensic science course is challenging and supplements your current coursework well, it can absolutely be a positive addition to your transcript. Colleges appreciate students who pursue their interests with enthusiasm. Plus, if it aligns with your intended major or career path, it demonstrates your commitment to the field.

Just remember to maintain a balance with your other academic responsibilities. If you do go ahead with the course, consider ways you might further pursue this interest, perhaps through related extracurricular activities or independent projects which could stand out to admissions committees. Best of luck in your decision!

7 months ago

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