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Can anyone share experiences at tech schools akin to RIT?

Hey guys! So RIT has caught my attention because of its strength in computer tech and hands-on approach to learning. If I'm interested in technology and practical application, what are the other schools out there that are like RIT in terms of curriculum focus and career prep for the tech industry? Any personal experiences would be helpful!

7 months ago

Hey there! There are similar programs at schools like Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which is known for its 'learn by doing' philosophy, and Georgia Tech, which is renowned for engineering and computer science programs. Both offer robust co-op programs, just like RIT, providing students with valuable industry experience before graduation.

Generally speaking, internships and co-ops greatly enhance job prospects after graduation. It's also worth exploring schools like MIT and Carnegie Mellon if you're aiming for the top tier, as they have excellent connections with the tech industry.

All that said, remember that the best school is one that fits your personal goals and learning style, not just its reputation. Best of luck finding the school that clicks with you!

7 months ago

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