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Legitimacy of online high school history courses in college admissions?

Okay, so history is a passion of mine, and I've completed most courses at my current school. I found an online history course that’s pretty interesting. How do colleges view these? Are they seen as rigorous as 'regular' history classes at school?

7 months ago

Hello! It's wonderful to hear about your passion for history. Colleges often view accredited online history courses positively, especially when they complement the curriculum you've already completed at your school. To ensure the course is viewed as rigorous, look for classes offered through accredited institutions, as they typically have a quality and rigor that admissions officers recognize. Additionally, if the course offers advanced content, such as at an AP or college level, it can enhance the perceived rigor of your overall coursework.

I would recommend mentioning in your application why you chose to pursue extra history classes online, that way you can show your initiative and deep interest in the subject. Keep on going the extra mile!

7 months ago

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