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High School Science Requirements - What needs to be taken to graduate?

As I'm picking classes for next semester, what science courses are typically required for high school graduation? I want to make sure I'm on track.

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great to see you're planning ahead for your classes. The specific requirements for high school graduation can vary depending on your state or even your school district, but generally, you’ll need a minimum of three years of science courses. Typically, this includes Biology and Chemistry. Some schools also require Physics or an earth/environmental science.

However, if you're considering applying to colleges, especially competitive ones, it's often recommended that you take four years of science, including at least one advanced-level course, if possible. For instance, if you've completed Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, you might consider taking an Advanced Placement (AP) science class senior year to strengthen your transcript.

Just remember to balance your interest in the sciences with a schedule that ensures you can maintain strong grades across all subjects. Check your school's website or reach out to a counselor like me for the exact graduation requirements at your school. Good job staying proactive about your education!

7 months ago

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