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What high school classes should I prioritize for a future in mechanical engineering?

Hi all, I'm a junior right now and I'm pretty set on pursuing mechanical engineering in college. Can someone suggest which high school classes are the most beneficial to take to prepare for this field? Are there specific courses that colleges look for in engineering applicants?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great to hear about your interest in mechanical engineering – it's a robust and rewarding field. For students aiming to enter any engineering discipline, it's vital to focus on mathematics and science courses, specifically those that stress analytical and problem-solving skills.

Since mechanical engineering relies heavily on physics and materials science, taking the most advanced physics class available at your school would be highly beneficial. If your school offers AP Physics 1 and AP Physics C: Mechanics, consider taking both. AP Physics C: Mechanics, in particular, is calculus-based and provides a closer approximation to the type of physics you'll be doing in an engineering program. If your school offers engineering classes or robotics, those could provide practical skills and show colleges your passion for the field.

Mathematics is the language of engineering, so prioritize taking as much math as possible – including AP Calculus AB or BC, if available. If you have space for additional coursework, other advanced STEM courses like chemistry and computer science can also be helpful, especially since programming is becoming increasingly relevant in engineering.

Some colleges may have specific prerequisites for engineering applicants, so it's worth checking the requirements of the schools you are considering. Beyond coursework, getting involved in related extracurricular activities can strengthen your application and demonstrate your genuine interest in mechanical engineering. Look for opportunities like participating in a science fair, joining a robotics club, or even interning or shadowing at a local engineering firm.

Remember, while these suggestions are tailored towards your mechanical engineering aspirations, it's important to maintain a balanced and rigorous academic profile. Best of luck with your junior year, and feel free to reach out if you have more questions!

7 months ago

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