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What are the benefits of taking NCAA approved courses in high school?

Yo, I'm an athlete planning on playing sports in college. Just wondering if anyone knows the advantages of making sure my high school courses are NCAA approved? Does it make a difference in the recruitment process?

7 months ago

Hey there! As someone who's helped student-athletes chart their course through high school, I can definitely shed some light on this for you. Taking NCAA-approved courses is actually a critical step if you're looking to compete in college sports. The NCAA has specific academic eligibility requirements that students must meet to play sports at the collegiate level and to ensure your eligibility is not jeopardized, it's crucial to select courses that align with their standards.

From your high school's perspective, NCAA-approved courses help maintain your eligibility as they're pre-vetted to meet the necessary academic rigor and content that the NCAA expects for student-athletes. It signals that you're well-prepared not only for the athletic demands of college sports but also for the academic challenges you'll face in a college classroom. A clear academic record with approved courses can expedite the recruitment process, as coaches will see that you're already on track to qualify academically, making you a less risky prospect. In short, it streamlines your path to hitting the ground running in your college athlete career.

For example, a student I worked with last year made sure to take NCAA-approved math and English courses, which eased his transition into a Division I program since there was no question about his academic readiness. Hope that helps, and best of luck with your athletic and academic endeavors!

7 months ago

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