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How important are creative writing classes in high school for a college application?

I’ve heard mixed advice about taking creative writing classes in high school. I love writing and think it could help me stand out in my college apps, especially for liberal arts colleges. Do admissions officers value this type of class? Should I prioritize it over other electives?

7 months ago

Creative writing classes can be a wonderful addition to your high school curriculum, especially if writing is a passion of yours. Colleges often appreciate when students pursue their interests with dedication, as it gives them insight into what sort of college community member you'll be.

For a liberal arts college, where a well-rounded education is valued, displaying a strong interest in writing can indeed make your application more attractive. However, it's important to balance your schedule to ensure you're still taking challenging courses in core academic areas. If you can take creative writing without sacrificing the rigor of your overall course load, it would be beneficial.

Remember, if writing is a potential college major or a significant hobby for you, showcasing your talent and commitment through this class could help you develop a 'spike' in your application profile. This class could give you the materials for a strong personal statement or supplemental essays as well. If creative writing is your passion, go for it, but don't forgo other core classes to make space for creative writing.

7 months ago

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