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Teacher Recs on Common App: Can We View Them?

This might be a silly question, but is there any way to see the teacher recommendations after they’re submitted on the Common App, or are they totally confidential? Just curious about what’s being said, not that I don’t trust my teachers lol.

7 months ago

It's definitely not a silly question — it's natural to be curious about what is written in your recommendations! The short answer is no, students generally cannot view recommendation letters once they've been submitted. When teachers or counselors submit their letters through the Common App, they are typically considered confidential.

This is actually for the benefit of both the student and the recommender. It allows recommenders to be candid in their evaluations, which colleges appreciate because it gives them a more honest assessment. However, before submitting their letters, some teachers may share their recommendations with students or ask for input.

It's also common for students to waive their right to view recommendations, which is done via the FERPA release authorization on the Common App. This waiver isn't compulsory, but not doing so can raise questions from admissions officers about the authenticity and candidness of the letters.

Rest assured, if you've developed good relationships with your teachers, they're likely advocating strongly on your behalf! Remember, the recommendation letters are just one part of your application, and they will complement the narrative that your own essays and records present.

7 months ago

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