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What’s a realistic timeline for submitting the Common App?

Okay, here’s where I am: I've got a list of colleges and a mountain of deadlines. Can someone with experience please explain how long it realistically takes to complete and submit the Common App? I just wanna manage my time without pulling my hair out.

7 months ago

The time to complete the Common App can vary based on several factors, such as the number of schools you're applying to and the complexity of their supplemental essays. Here's a broad timeline:

Identify the schools and their deadlines - Do this immediately. You want to know your early decision/action deadlines as these come first, typically by November 1st.

Complete the main Common App form - Dedicate a weekend to fill out the form. This includes your personal information, extracurriculars, and main essay. If you've prepped ahead of time, you can get this done relatively quickly.

Work on supplemental essays - Depending on the number of schools and their essay requirements, start this at least two months before your earliest deadline to allow ample time for writing and revisions.

Submission - Aim to submit your applications at least a week before the deadline to account for any unexpected issues.

This is a simplified timeline, but starting early and setting smaller deadlines for yourself within this framework will help you manage the process without undue stress.

7 months ago

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