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What are the benefits of taking virtual high school courses?

I’m exploring my options for my senior year and considering some online courses through Michigan Virtual. Do colleges view these courses as reputable? Might they be a good way to show initiative and self-motivation?

7 months ago

Online courses can be a great way to showcase your initiative, especially if they're in subjects that aren't offered at your traditional high school. Michigan Virtual is known to offer quality instruction and well-structured courses, so that's a good choice. Colleges typically recognize accredited online courses and view them as reputable, especially when they align with a student's interests or academic goals. Taking online courses demonstrates self-motivation and time-management skills, as they often require more independent study and self-discipline.

However, it's important to balance your workload — don't overload yourself in order to impress admissions officers. Instead, select one or two virtual courses that truly interest you or that might align with your intended major in college. Make sure that you excel in these courses to show colleges that you are capable of handling challenging material on your own.

7 months ago

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