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High school courses for future lawyers – what should I be taking?

I've got a serious ambition to become a lawyer someday. What high school courses would you all recommend for someone heading down the legal path? Do debate and government classes cut it, or is there more I should consider?

7 months ago

It's wonderful to hear about your aspirations! Debate and government classes are certainly beneficial for a future lawyer, as they help develop critical thinking and public speaking skills. In addition, I'd recommend honing your writing and comprehension abilities through advanced English classes. History courses, especially those focusing on constitutional or international affairs, can also provide valuable context for your future studies. Mathematics and logic courses can help sharpen your analytical skills, which are crucial in legal reasoning.

Furthermore, participating in extracurricular activities like mock trial, Model United Nations, Model Congress, or an internship at a law firm can give you a practical perspective of the legal system. Always challenge yourself with rigorous coursework, but balance it with your overall workload to maintain a strong GPA.

7 months ago

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