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Where can I find reputable summer calculus courses for high school students?

Interested in getting a head start on calculus before senior year kicks off, and I've been looking into summer programs. Could you guys recommend any programs that offer calculus for high school students, especially ones that might be respected by colleges?

7 months ago

It's great to hear about your initiative in furthering your math education! When looking for reputable summer calculus courses, I recommend starting by checking with your high school or district to see if they offer any summer learning opportunities. Additionally, local community colleges often have courses for high school students, and credits from these institutions are usually transferable and respected by colleges.

Universities sometimes offer summer programs for high school students as well - look for programs at schools known for strong STEM fields. Online platforms like Coursera or edX provide courses from various universities and might also be a valid option. Another resource is the College Board's website, which sometimes lists summer academic opportunities.

When selecting a program, ensure it is rigorous and perhaps provides a completion certificate or college credit, as this provides proof of your commitment and mastery of the subject to admissions officers. Colleges often appreciate students who take the initiative to learn outside the traditional school year, as it shows dedication and a strong work ethic. Good luck!

7 months ago

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