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Who is eligible to take the PSAT and when should you do it?

Helloooo people, quick question - I know the PSAT is a thing for juniors, but can sophomores take it too? Also, is there a best year to take the PSAT in high school or does it not really matter? Just trying to plan out my testing schedule without cramming too much into junior year.

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great to hear that you're proactively planning your testing schedule. The PSAT/NMSQT is typically taken by high school juniors, but sophomores can definitely take it as well. In fact, many students opt to take the PSAT in their sophomore year as a practice run. This can help familiarize them with the test format and question types without the pressure of qualifying for National Merit Scholarships, which is only possible in the junior year.

As for the 'best' year to take the PSAT, it really depends on your readiness and confidence level. Taking it as a sophomore can give you a good baseline and leave time for you to address any areas that need improvement before the junior year test, which is when scores could qualify you for scholarship opportunities. Conversely, if you're already quite confident in your abilities and want to focus only on the junior year, that's okay too. Just ensure you're prepared, as the PSAT in your junior year is the one that counts towards National Merit consideration.

Remember that many students see significant improvement in their scores from sophomore to junior year simply because of the additional year of schooling and maturity. So, if you decide to take it as a sophomore, use your scores as a learning tool rather than a definitive assessment of your abilities. Best of luck with your planning!

7 months ago

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