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Is there a reliable weighted GPA calculator for a 5.0 scale online?

This 4.0 scale is confusing me because my school uses a 5.0 scale. Do any of you know a good online calculator that can handle weighted GPAs, preferably one that works with the 5.0 scale? I need to figure out where I stand for colleges.

7 months ago

Hello! I can understand how GPA scales can be confusing since different schools may use different systems. While I don't have a specific calculator to recommend, you might want to try out a few to see which one aligns best with how your school calculates GPA. A search for '5.0 weighted GPA calculator' should give you a few options to explore.

Don't forget to check if your guidance office offers any tools or resources as well; they might even have a conversion chart based on your school's particular grading system. If you want to cross-check your GPA for college application purposes, remember that most colleges recalculate your GPA based on their own scale anyway, so it's key that your transcript reflects strong course rigor and grades, regardless of the scale.

Still, understanding where you stand is definitely helpful as you consider your college options. Good luck!

7 months ago

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