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What history classes are generally required for high school graduation?

Hey everyone! As I'm planning my junior and senior year schedules, I'm curious about what history courses are typically required to graduate. I want to make sure I'm on track and wondering if there are specific courses that most high schools expect students to take. Also, would love to know if colleges prefer to see certain history classes on my transcript?

7 months ago

Hello! It's great to see you being proactive about your high school curriculum. Typically, high schools require U.S. History and a World History or Geography class for graduation. Some schools might also require a semester of Government and possibly Economics. It's important to check your specific state's requirements and your school's graduation plan, as these can vary.

As far as college admissions go, they like to see that you've challenged yourself with the courses available to you, so taking advanced or AP history classes, if you're able, can be a plus. However, fulfilling the basic requirements while performing well in a broad range of subjects is most crucial. If you're interested in a humanities or social sciences major, additional history classes could indeed make your application stand out. Do check with your school counselor to tailor a plan that aligns with both graduation and your future academic goals!

7 months ago

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