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Unique aspects of Colgate University

I've been eyeing Colgate for a while, and I'd love to know more about what sets it apart academically. What programs or characteristics make Colgate University stand out from other liberal arts colleges?

7 months ago

I'm glad to hear about your interest in Colgate University! It's a school known for nurturing a tight-knit community which is certainly a draw for many students. One aspect worth noting is Colgate's commitment to small class sizes, which fosters a more intimate and interactive learning environment.

Another standout feature is the university's Liberal Arts Core Curriculum, which is designed to develop critical thinking and cross-disciplinary skills in all its students. There's also Colgate's emphasis on undergraduate research opportunities. Many students there get to engage in research alongside faculty members, which isn't always available at larger universities. Not to forget, the school has strong international programs, encouraging students to broaden their outlook with study abroad options.

Lastly, don't overlook the picturesque campus in Hamilton, New York—it's been recognized as one of the most beautiful college campuses several times. Visiting might give you a better feel for how these aspects create a unique educational experience. Best of luck with your college search!

7 months ago

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