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Updating Recommender Info on Common App: How To?

Quick question: If one of my recommenders changed their email or job position, how do I update their contact information in my Common App after I've already invited them? I want to make sure there's no confusion.

7 months ago

No worries, updating your recommender's information in the Common App is rather straightforward. Simply log into your Common App account and navigate to the 'Recommenders and FERPA' section. From there, find the recommender whose information you need to update.

If they haven’t yet started the recommendation, you can click 'exclude,' which will remove their information, allowing you to enter the new details and send another invite.

If the recommender has already begun or submitted their recommendation, you'll need to contact the Common App Support team for assistance, as changes can't be made through your account directly.

Don't forget to inform your recommender of this change as well, so they look out for any new communications from your colleges. Lastly, ensure the colleges to which you're applying are informed of the change in case they need to update any records on their end. Good luck with your application!

7 months ago

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