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Which colleges need to see my mid-year reports?

Hey everyone, I’m really hoping to get my list finalized and I was just wondering which colleges require you to send mid-year reports? Also, should I be worried if my grades dipped a little? Thanks in advance for any insight!

7 months ago

Hello there! I'm glad you're getting your list together. Most selective colleges, especially private institutions, will require mid-year reports as part of the application process. These reports give them the most current view of your academic performance. However, some state schools or less selective programs may not request them unless you're waitlisted or there's a conditional aspect of your admission.

As for a slight dip in grades, it shouldn't be a major concern if you're generally a strong student. Admissions understand that everyone has ups and downs. What's important is the overall trend and the rigor of your courses. If there are extenuating circumstances that affected your performance, consider explaining this in the additional information section of your application.

Lastly, make sure to communicate with your high school counselor about sending these reports, so you can ensure your mid-year grades are sent to all the colleges that need them. Keep up the hard work!

7 months ago

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