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What exactly are AP and Honors classes, and how do they differ?

Hey everyone, I'm a bit confused about the whole AP and Honors classes thing. What's the real difference between them, and how does each type impact your college application?

7 months ago

Hey there! AP (Advanced Placement) and Honors classes are types of courses that high schools offer to give students a more challenging academic experience. AP classes follow a standardized curriculum culminating in an exam; scoring well can potentially earn you college credit. They're often considered the same level of rigor as college courses. Honors classes, on the other hand, don't lead to a standardized test and don't offer college credit, but they're still more challenging than regular classes and move at a faster pace with more in-depth material.

In terms of your college application, both types of classes show colleges that you're willing to challenge yourself academically. However, AP classes can give you an extra edge because of the potential for earning college credit and the standardization of their curriculum, which colleges recognize nationally. Balancing a mix of both can demonstrate a strong academic initiative on your part!

7 months ago

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